Process Server Santa Monica announces one flat fee for process service in the City of Santa Monica and surrounding areas.  With our company you will not be hit with any hidden process service charges, you will not pay mileage fees, and there is no fee for proof of service.  In most cases we will file a proof of service on your behalf.  If you are looking for a process server in Santa Monica that will get the job done without the hassle, you have found us.   
At Process Server Santa Monica - ECS we believe in customer service and will do everything in our powers to give our clients the best customer service they have ever experienced.  We understand that communication is highly important when it comes to process service, therefore, we will always keep our clients informed on our progress. It doesn't stop there, our registered process servers will file your proof of service with the court hearing your case.


Do you have a claim ?

Does your former landlord owe you a security deposit?  Have you been injured in an accident?  Have you hired a contractor to perform and they haven’t?  If you have any of these issues or you believe you are owed compensation, you may have a case for small claims court if it is valued under $7500.  At Process Server Santa Monica – ECS, we provide professional registered process servers that will serve your legal documents in accordance with the state law.  We have been helping clients with their piece of justice not matter how small or large their case.  If it involves small claims court, temporary restraining order, divorce, unlawful detainer, 3 day notice or any other legal service of process, we will get it done for you.   


Motorcycle Messenger

There is no better way to get business done when you are in need of a professional motorcycle messenger.  Motorcycle Messenger is located in Century City, California and provides professional and reliable messenger service to surrounding cities including: Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Burbank, Encino, Torrance and more.  Visit: today. 


Hiring a Process Server  

What you need to know about hiring a process server from Process Server Santa Monica - ECS .  Since 1999 our clients have put their trust into ECS to serve their legal documents.  We stand behind every service performed and go the extra mile to ensure our clients receive the best service available in the industry.  We know there are process servers that make promises they do not deliver, we also know that there are some companies that advertise cheap rates.  We take the higher road and do not scam our clients with a bait and switch, instead we tell the truth and provide a professional service.  We provide a flat fee for service of process without all the hidden fees, no mileage fee, no fee for completed proof of service and in most cases we will file your proof of service with the court.  As a professional registered process service company, we at ECS deliver results where other service providers do not.  If you have a claim for service, if you have had no success..and if you want to get it done, you should hire Process Server Santa Monica -ECS!  Contact us today.


Stakeout Service  

There are some circumstances that require a stakeout.  These circumstances may follow after unsuccessful attempts have been made to serve legal documents or an evasive defendant that will do anything to avoid legal service.  A successful stakeout is more than just sitting around all day waiting for something to occur.  At Process Server Santa Monica - ECS we ask the right questions and perform the necessary investigative work to bring the best results for our clients.  Not every case will require a stakeout, in fact a very small percentage of cases will ever require a stakeout do in part of the cost involved.  If you have an evasive defendant and have had no sucess, we are here to help. 


Landlord & Tenant Process Service  

At Process Server Santa Monica - ECS we are very familiar with landlord and tenant legal disputes.  We have served landlords who evade service as well as tenants.  A landlord may serve a tenant with a 3 Day Notice or an Unlawful Detainer.  A tenant who files a small claims action against a former landlord for part or entire security deposit will need a process server to serve the court documents.